Inaugural Address

December 1, 2014

Presented at the Township of North Dumfries Council Chambers

Today will mark a special day in each of our lives. We have been chosen by the people of North Dumfries to take up the duties and responsibilities, continuing to grow and develop North Dumfries based upon solid planning.

Many councils have sat in these chambers. These walls have heard great anger, great passion and great joy. We have an amazing history and we must honour our history past, the history made today and the history yet to be written.

Each Councilor has been elected to represent their ward, their people and as such will be given the respect and dignity of their office. When we as a Council come together in the chambers may we speak with the voice of our people and plan for the whole of North Dumfries.

The initiatives started over the past 4 years must be maintained, townhall meetings, community committees to name a few. Going forth I would like to see, and with the permission of this Council, the community groups expanded into each of the Wards. This will be a more inclusive Council.

I hope to develop a more involved relationship with the gravel pits in North Dumfries. Yearly reports filed away is not enough. Again with the permission of this Council I want to encourage a Revel Committee but also take steps to see what percentage of gravel is left in pits. When a pit is left with minimal amount of gravel then working with the pit owners we push for their rehabilitation. This will be a long and hard battle but one that must be started.

We have to work with the Province on the lack of rules in which grandfathered pits do not have to follow. I would like to brooch the idea that when a grandfathered pit changes hands it no longer is deemed a grandfathered pit and subject to all requirements of a new pit.

We have worked steadily and hard on our road networks and the truck bypass. The first initiative for this was the paving of Reidsville road. Another major step was the Region of Waterloo taking on responsibility for Trussler Road and the millions of dollars earmarked for this over the next few years. We must work harder with Brant County to come to some kind of resolution for the Brant Waterloo Road.

Further growth in the Ayr area is coming. There are so many positives with growth but there are also negatives if it is not planned well. A housing strategy is essential and must be looked at and developed in a way that will make us all proud.

There is much to do. The people have made their choice. Today we pledge to our Township, to our people. May we serve you well.

Mayor Sue Foxton