Canine Control BY-LAW #2742-15

  • Every person residing temporarily or permanently within the limits of the Township of North Dumfries, being the owner of a dog shall procure a license, which license shall expire on the 31st day of December in each year in which the same was issued. 
  • No owner of a dog shall allow or permit such dog to run at large in the Township of North Dumfries. 
  • The maximum number of dogs per household in a residential settlement area is two (2), rural is three (3).
  • The Cost of a Dog License is $22.00 per dog.
  • Seniors 65 and up pay $11.00
  • PLEASE NOTE: Failure to obtain a Dog License could result in a fine plus cost of license. 
  • Due May 1st - any licenses after May 1st are subject to a $10 late fee plus original $22.00.

Dog tags are available at the Township Office at 2958 Greenfield Road, Ayr (Payable by cash or cheque). Also available at Ayr Animal Hospital (Payable by EXACT cash or cheque). Or simply fill out the form below and mail it in.

Dog Tag Application Form

Any questions regarding dog tags please call:

Township Office:

Ayr Animal Hospital: