Power Outages

Power outages can occur at any time and can be an incovenience for all. Most of North Dumfries hydro is provided by Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, whereas a small number of houses are serviced by Hydro One.

Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro has some valuable information available as to what to do in a power outage, safety tips for using a power generator, emergency kit preparedness, and making repairs to the electrical infrastructure after an outage. Visit their webpage by clicking here for more information.

In the event of an outage please contact:

Energy+ Inc. by calling 519-621-3530.

You may also view their outage site by clicking this link to visit the Energ+ Inc. outage information site.

Hydro One by calling 1-800-434-1235.

You may also view their outage site by clicking this link to visit the Hydro One outage information site.

Residents who live on Gore Road 

Gore Road is split between Cambridge & North Dumfries Hydro and Hydro One. All residents are to report to Hydro One unless their address is listed below. These listed addresses would still contact Cambridge & North Dumfries Hydro.

  • 6485 Gore Road
  • 6563 Gore Road
  • 6569 Gore Road
  • 6575 Gore Road
  • 6591 Gore Road
  • 6627 Gore Road
  • 6647 Gore Road
  • 6717 Gore Road
  • 6725 Gore Road
  • 6743 Gore Road
  • 6753 Gore Road
  • 6763 Gore Road
  • 6795 Gore Road

Medical Alert Program

Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro offers a Medical Alert Program where residents may fill in their information to be on their medical alert list.

For some customers, a power interruption may mean they need to make back-up plans to ensure equipment important to their well being keeps working. Sometimes the power supply is affected by unplanned interruptions outside of our control, such as extreme weather, vehicle accidents or equipment failure. Other times outages are due to planned maintenance and repair work. Where possible, Cambridge & North Dumfries Hydro will try to contact customers who need electricity for medical reasons, to notify them of the outage. If the length of the outage will be extreme, these customers may need to make other arrangements.

If you would like your name added to our list of contact names and telephone numbers for those that rely on electrical medical equipment for their personal well being, please visit their site to send an email to be added or call 519-621-3484.