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By-law Number: 1286-90 View Document
Summary: Dog By-Law

By-law to prohibit the running at large or dogs in the Township, for appointing an animal control officer, for imposing a license fee on the owners of dogs, for regulating the disposal of dogs found running at large in the said Township, and other matters relating to dogs.
By-law Number: 1620-96 View Document
Summary: Pool Fence By-Law

Require owners' of privately owned outdoor swimming pools to erect and maintain fences and gates around such swimming pools and to provide for the issuance of a permit therefore.
By-law Number: 1758-98 View Document
Summary: Vendor By-Law

A By-Law for Licencing, Regulating and Governing Mobile Food Vendors
By-law Number: 1786-99 View Document
Summary: Municipal Addressing

A bylaw to regulate addressing of municipal addresses.
By-law Number: 1907-01 View Document
Summary: Tarrif Fee By-Law
By-law Number: 1954-02 View Document
Summary: Traffic By-Law

A By-Law to Regulate Traffic and Parking on Highways Under the Jurisdiction of The Township of North Dumfries.
By-law Number: 2043-04 View Document
Summary: Consolidated Procedural By-Law

A By-law to establish the procedure for meetings of Council and its Committees.
By-law Number: 2122-05 View Document
Summary: Building By-Law

Respecting construction, demolition and change of use permits and inspections.
By-law Number: 2255-07 View Document
Summary: Dog Kennel By-Law

A By-law to prohibit the running at large of Dogs in the Township of North Dumfries and for other matters relating to Dogs.
By-law Number: 2300-08 View Document
Summary: Sale of Land By-law

Being a by-law to establish policies with respect to the sale and disposition of real property.
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